Moose Mail

Past - Moose Mail was established in 2010 and since then has had a successful six years.  Moose Mail is a socail enterprise and won a grant from the local council. The company was first created to be a courier service later changing into an Eco-friendly company, aiming to help reduce pollution by distibuting with zero carbon emissions. 'WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON USING FOOT AND PEDAL POWER, COMMITTED TO HELPING OUR PLANET'. 

Present - As Moose Mail began to grow, our distrubtion areas did also. Moose Mail now deliverys local via foot and pedal power and futher areas using different modes of transport.

Moose Mails offers three services; Leaflet and letter distubtuion and the additional service of parcle dsitrubtion.

One of our current projects is an agreement with a local housing association delivering daily gas service letters to tenants which has been constant for over a year.

Although Moose Mails has changed in the way we work and distrubtion, our passion and qauilty has always stayed at the highest standard. The passion of Moose Mail is to help those primarily with mental health issues get back into employment. All profits made are reinvested back into the business and also out to other organisations. 

Moose Mail's future - Our future aim is to help more organisation, widen our areas of delivery and work towards bigger and better things.

Kea Ashby

Assistant Mangaer

Karen Ashby